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Our Trainer
Our Trainer
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Our Trainer

Many training providers, even the largest ones, often concentrate first on winning the business, and then on finding an instructor and placing responsibility for providing courseware on that instructor. Our Instructor and trainers are among the best-qualified and experienced trainers in India. They have masters' qualifications or post-graduate qualifications. XPERT INFOTECH trainer team consists of Experienced Software developers, Web Developers, Web Analyst, Software Analyst, Mobile application developers, SEO Professionals etc. and hey have intensive Industry knowledge and latest Tools. This makes significant difference to the program and also to the quality of the trainees from the Institute.

Our instructors are professional and enthusiastic; they are working professionals of our company. Most of the trainers of XPERT INFOTECH are Corporate Trainers providing Latest IT Technologies in IT Industries all over the India.

About Our Courseware and Instructor:

We don't lease courseware. We don't use textbooks. That means the student guide is developed to provide first rate support for presentations. The student guide and the hands on exercises are constantly updated and improved, using both direct feedback from students and the instructors' own observations of what works best in the classroom. This just isn't possible with leased courseware.

Experts agree that an intense hand on practice drives up competence and retention. That's why XPERT INFOTECH places special emphasis on hands on exercises in each course that we deliver. Most leased courseware falls far short in this area. It takes extra effort and substantial knowledge to create robust, well documented exercises. Companies that offer courseware for lease need to provide exercises that appeal to the lowest common denominator; furthermore leased courseware cannot assume that complex software setup will necessarily be available to support competency-based labs. As a result, lab exercises in leased courses can border on the trivial, and are rarely complete in the sense of exercising all the skills being taught.

We know that professionals want to learn from professionals. Our instructors are not new to programming, nor are they new to the industrial training environment:

  • Our instructors are cross-trained in multiple related technologies.
  • They're not just one step ahead of the students.
  • They know about and can contrast competing technologies.
  • Our Trainer always focuses on updated technologies so that students can easily face current IT industry.
  • Our Training methodologies completely concludes the live implementation as well as code explanation with live project.
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